Better Service & Customer Experience

The Push Button Paging System facilitates instant communication between staff, managers and customers, improving the service of your business. At the push of a button, the Push Button Paging System can quickly respond to your customers’ needs, offering them the best possible experience. With this system you can be confident that you are providing excellent customer service, and also improving internal communication and staff response capacity, leading to increased sales and happy customers.

Push Button in action
Alphanumeric Pager

Greater Operational Efficiency

After seating, the server shows your customers how to control their experience by pushing the appropriate button on their table transmitter, improving not only wait staff efficiency but also customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by using the same pagers, this system can be configured together with the ServerCall system, leading to an unimaginable level of operational efficiency.


  • Increases check averages
  • Improves customer experience
  • Increases table-turns
  • Easy to install
  • No additional software required
  • Completely wireless
  • Rechargeable
  • Allows you to respond to customer concerns quickly
Push Button Bundle
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