Mobility Designed for Hospitality and Retail

The PAR Tablet 8 is designed with the specifications and characteristics that offer the optimal combination of features to meet the mobile needs of a hospitality or retail operation. It is the perfect balance of size and reliability and can easily be used in one hand while being able to withstand the demanding customer service environment.

The PAR Tablet 8 product based on the Intel® Atom™ processors is a great match for retail and hospitality environments. The smart back technology provides a platform with versatility for different payment options such as EMV and mag stripe as well as supporting bar code and RFID reading for inventory management, product look up and customer support.

Tablet 8″ Applications

  • Mobile POS – Whether the tablet is used to take orders at the counter, in a drive thru, at a stadium, on an outdoor patio, or at the table in a restaurant – the tablet can provide faster, more accurate and higher sales.
  • Customer Engagement & Service – Whether this is for assisted selling in a retail environment, up selling in a restaurant or reducing wait times to check in/out of a hotel – the tablet provides opportunities to more fully engage with your customers.
  • Table Management & Wine Lists. Provide wait list and reservation management anywhere within a restaurant to better serve your customers. Replace paper wine lists with a tablet to increase sales and provide a great experience.
  • Manager/Store Associate Tablet. Enable manager access to information anywhere on the store floor or utilize as a portable training tool for associates

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Global Payment & Loyalty Options

With integrated NFC and barcode reading with the camera and the ability to connect different Smart Back Cover MSR and EMV payment modules to the tablet – hospitality and retail outlets will have the flexibility to best meet their payment and loyalty needs.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The PAR Tablet 8 enables less downtime for users to reliably run their businesses and to interface with customers versus consumer products. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry operating system and Intel® Architecture, organizations will realize lower costs for security and support over the life of the tablet.   The PAR Tablet 8 has a production lifecycle model of up to 4 years.  The same model can be utilized for an entire technology cycle versus updating every year. All of this equates to the greatest value and return on the enterprise’s mobile technology investment.

Long battery life

With up to 10 hours of real world use, the tablet can be used throughout the day.


Tablet Smart Cover
Magnetic Stripe Reader Smart Back Cover (MSR)

The MSR supports encrypted transactions for secure payments as well as support for loyalty cards. The integrated nature offers increased reliability and durability compared to non-integrated options.

Tablet Shield

Rubberized framing option available which increases durability and adds protection from drops of up to 6 feet, making the PAR Tablet 8 durable in even the harshest environments.

Tablet Shield

POS Docking Station

PAR Tablet POS offers customers a small footprint, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and POS optimized docking platform for the PAR Tablet 8 and PAR Tablet 10. Providing multi-function capability, the PAR Tablet POS allows for stationary POS set-up, mobile ordering, queue busting, and kiosk implementation.

The PAR Tablet POS features a number of expansion ports, allowing it to connect to PAR peripherals such as the PAR Printer and Cash Drawer.

The PAR Tablet POS allows your tablet to transform into a terminal or register setup, right on your business countertop.

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