Shorter Waits & More Satisfied Customers

HME Wireless GuestCall IQ paging system is a revolutionary solution to control customer flow in restaurants and other industries. It is a forward leap in technology which sets a whole new standard in customer service and improves the operational efficiency of your business. When you hand waiting guests a sleek GuestCAll IQ Pager they are free to wander around nearby or sit in the bar and relax, without worrying about losing their table or turn.

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It’s never been easier

A wait time estimator and basic table management feature are built into the base station at no extra charge; something you will not find anywhere else on the market. With GuestCall IQ you will avoid losing sales due to walk-outs, as well as reducing congestion at the hostess station, while your customers remain satisfied. GuestCall IQ´s revolutionary pager renumbering system will allow you to save time and money considerably, and will improve your guests’ experience once and for all; no more tracking numbers to see which pagers are missing or ending up with duplicates when reordering. Broken or missing pagers can be replaced almost instantly, keeping you up and running.

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Made to last

GuestCall IQ pagers set a new standard in quality and ergonomics. High-quality components and a rugged design mean fewer accidents and greater durability. To help reduce loss GuestCall IQ pagers automatically alert guests if they accidentally take them out of range.

Special Features

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