Attract more visitors and better manage your memberships

At most museums, tickets sales are often the most significant source of revenue. By expanding your sales channels, you can help increase attendance and, consequently, revenue. More and more people – especially younger audiences – expect to be able to buy tickets online. By the same respect, those who invest in a membership expect greater value – from invitations to special exhibits to discounts in your gift shop or café.

How can Galaxy help?

  • Multiple sales channels – sell tickets on-site at your ticket counter or through kiosks, online with a responsive design web store, through group sales by phone or online, via resellers and third-party distributors – all through Galaxy and Galaxy Connect solutions

  • Membership creation and management – process new memberships at any point-of-sale system you designate and create full-color membership cards on the spot; manage your members directly through Galaxy or interface with third-party software as The Raiser’s Edge

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – gain visibility into your visitors’ experiences for more targeted marketing campaigns

  • Loyalty programs – reward faithful members and provide incentives to infrequent visitors

  • A unified point-of-sale solution – consolidate your ticketing, food & beverage and retail sales for faster reporting

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